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Teïka & The Raw Beat is the exciting brainchild of Berlin-based singer-songwriter Mateja Kert. Musically grown up in the Irish underground scene, her songs are a melting pot of Romance from the British Isles and dark Americana, punky vibes with a dollop of desert and swamp. Inspired by the likes of PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Nick Cave and Nine Inch Nails, Teïka is about to release her debut album, entitled BONES’N’STONES, which was recorded and produced by Cameron James Laing of The Famous Gold Watch Studio in Berlin and supported by Initiative Musik.


Existential lyrics, wrapped in fine songwriting and put forward by Teïka’s phenomenally dynamic expression, are presented with piano, bass (Georg Kostron) and drums (Gidon Carmel) as the album’s backbone, inviting listeners to hear and feel the raw touch of a real band and the musical craftsmanship behind it. To underline dramatic development, the songs are embellished by rich string arrangements, transforming Teïka’s stories into heartfelt, grand hymns full of intimate experiences.

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