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'... some of the finest and most majestic vocals we've heard recently. With styles that range from Bjork to Radiohead and Kate Bush Teika & The Raw Beat certainly cater for the alternative folks who like a dramatic and cinematic song'' It’s All Indie

'... raw authenticity… Kert’s vocals are unlike anything I have heard before'  Illustrate Magazine

'...poetic lyricism, intense emotion and insight into humanity ... sonic intelligence far beyond their one-year existence ... a whirlwind of sonic chaos flooding your brain, whipping you about, and reaching into your soul with intense insanity"  The Other Side Reviews


' acoustic delight'  Lost In the Manor

IT'S PSYCHEDELIC BABY! MAGAZINE - Exclusive video premiere

'Oh my the attitude, the punk expression… Reminded me of the Queens of the Stone Age in the way it stalked us and led by a singer who has the chutzpah to ensure our attention for these two minutes never leave her gaze... Teika & The Raw Beat are quite something, gregarious from the word go'  mp3hugger

'Dope track!'  Colourful Playlists

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